Clearthinking Queensland (CTQ) Ltd (using its supporting trust, the Queensland Schizophrenia Research Foundation) is calling for expressions of interest (EOI) to tender for provision of an authoritative report and related materials to guide the development of a research clinic for the assessment and review of Read more >

Make Your Desk Your Space!

One in four young Australians suffers a mental health issue before the age of 25. For the majority, it emerges in their teens, unfortunately nearly half of those will remain untreated. That’s why ClearThinking is working to give our kids a clearer, better future.

Join us for 48 Hours of Clarity!

The ClearThinking team will hit the Queen Street Mall to focus on ‘48 Hours of Clarity’ for youth mental health. Come along, share your story and maybe come away with a little more clarity and a lot more hope for the future.