Useful Apps

You may be surprised at just how many Apps there are to help you through some tough times or help manage your thoughts.

Got any Apps that you use?  We’d love to know about them.  Email us at



ReachOut – Worrytime

  • Helps you manage stress and anxiety
  • Helps you deal with everyday worries
  • Makes you feel less overwhelmed
  • Helps you by letting you control what you do with your thoughts
  • Age 12+






ReachOut – Breathe

  • Helps you manage stress and anxiety
  • Helps with physical symptoms of stress
  • Controlling breathing and heart rate
  • Research shows that slowing heart rate increases feelings of calmness, so Breathe helps you control your breath.
  • Measures your heart rate using the camera in your phone






Smiling Mind

  • Meditation App
  • Develops your meditations skills and the sessions become more advanced
  • Reduces stress and improves wellbeing
  • Targeted at young people
  • Daily meditation reminders






Department of Veteran’s Affairs – PTSD Coach

  • Information on PTSD and treatments
  • You can screen and track your symptoms
  • A scheduler which allows you to manage self-care and appointments
  • Skills to handle stress symptoms






BeyondBlue – BeyondNow

  • BeyondNow, our very own suicide safety planning App can also help get you through tough times.
  • Your unique safety plan involves your warning signs, coping strategies, reasons for living and support listed in one place.
  • You can download BeyondNow from the App store or Google play and create yours today.






Andrew Johnson – Deep Sleep

  • App is a guided meditation to help you overcome insomnia
  • Goes through a Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) session
  • Long or short induction options
  • Features an alarm
  • Getting enough sleep is the foundation of many aspects of mental health.






Finding Optimism

  • Mood charting App
  • Lets you develop strategies for depression, bipolar and other conditions
  • Track moods and keep a journal of triggers






Shreek – Secret of Happiness

  • This App is about gratitude and is a 30 day challenge
  • It gets you to think of positive things and events when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed.
  • Trains your brain to think positively
  • Based on principles of positive psychology