About Us

Every young person in Queensland at risk of serious mental health issues, has access to specialist assessment and treatment that will lead to the best possible long term health and well being.

One in four young Australians suffers a mental health issue before the age of 25. For the majority, it emerges in their teens, and nearly half of those will remain untreated.

One of the biggest issues is getting the right help – access to someone who can accurately figure out what the problem is. ClearThinking understands this, but there is currently no specialised service-research integrated centre in Queensland to do this vital work.

Mental health is complex. Serious mental illness is very complex. We believe we need to provide an option for young people and their carers – a dedicated “second opinion” assessment service that will leave no stone unturned in trying to understand potential diagnoses. And then, provide a treatment plan based on this comprehensive assessment, and incorporating the latest in research.