LOSE YOUR MIND for World Mental Health Week 2017

JUST ANNOUNCED.  World Mental Health Week 2017 Workshops!

Chermside Library – 9am  Monday 9th October 2017


The LOSE YOUR MIND workshops are designed for anyone who works with teens or young adults and would benefit from an emotionally engaging discussion about mental illness and the best strategies for communication and early intervention. Guidance Counsellors, teachers, social workers and university students especially will find the workshop beneficial.


Developed by ClearThinking Qld, participants will experience first hand what it may be like to live with a mental health disorder. They will be given the opportunity to utilise a Virtual Reality experience facing the severe distractions that so many young people suffer through in their daily lives. The LOSE YOUR MIND project is a creative and very real way for participants to experience the realities faced by so many of our Queensland youth.

Psychosis is more prevalent than commonly thought and can be brought on by depression, anxiety and high stress situations. One in four young Australians will suffer a mental health issue before the age of 25.


The LOSE YOUR MIND Workshops explore the world of psychosis in a respectful, meaningful and emotionally engaging way.

Using Virtual Reality Technology, you will be fully immersed into the experience of a young person having a psychotic episode. Following this uniquely emotional and challenging experience we will explore effective techniques for communication, kindness, curiosity, empathy and help-giving behaviour which will benefit you, your colleagues and ultimately, your students or clients. (For those uncomfortable with VR technology, we have a 2D version available also).

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – PLACES STRICTLY LIMITED.  (Payment via Direct Deposit after booking.)


About the Presenter:

Dr Jennifer Wilson

B Psych (Hons), PhD (Clin Psych) MAPS

Dr Jennifer Wilson is a Brisbane-based clinical psychologist working in private practice. Her doctoral thesis examined the development of children’s thinking and reasoning skills. Jennifer works with people having difficulty with a broad range of mental health and life challenges, but has special interests in working with couples, and in helping people experiencing psychosis to understand and cope with their experiences. Jennifer also maintains an active interest in applied and academic research, including the translation of evidence-based treatments for psychosis to existing mental health services.

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